In various sizes and decorative forms. Makes a lovely present for celebrations and anniversaries.

The basis of the soap is pine shoot macerate and contains pine and forest pine volatile oils. Due to its ingredients it has antibacterial, regenerating, anti inflammatory and anti rheumatism effects.

  • At the same time the fragrances that are released when in contact with warm water, inhaling the fragrances have aroma therapeutic effect as well.
  • A warm water bath with pine shoot soap is a most pleasant method to ease the daily stress.
  • As plant particles are left in the soap besides skin erasing effect it is also pleasant to the eye.
  • Fragrance of the pine oil radiates freshness and optimism.

  • Evergreen leaves symbolize continuity and love of life, forest pine symbolizes re-birth and eternal life. Forest pine has miraculous medicinal properties. Pine needles contain rosin, tannic materials, minerals, vitamins (C-, B2-, K-vitamin) carotinoids and volatile oils. Pine needles contain 6 times more vitamin C then lemons or oranges. In old times it was respected as a holy tree, already ancient Greeks had used it in medication. Rosin of forest pine was often used for cleaning wounds, and as fumigator was used as desinfectant of rooms. It was used as overall strengthener as well. In present days the macerate of young pine needles and pine shoots is recommended for breathing organ problems, colds, coughing, sore throat. It is a "healer" of chronic bronchitis. Its solution can ease symptoms of rheumatism. Its volatile oil has desinfecting, mucus dissolving, expectorant, strengthening, antimicrobiotic and inflammation reducing effects.

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