The plant glycerin, made during the soaping process which is known as the best skin caring material stays in the soap, thus serving high quality caring of the skin (as opposed to industrial soap making, when it is taken out entirely to later add in a derivative form into the low quality glycerin soap)

What manufactured home made soaps offer: High quality ingredients !!! (except for lye, they contain almost only edible ingredients found in the household i.e. olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, goat milk, poppy seeds, coffee, volatile oils, home grown herbs, etc.)

The plant oils in the soap are absorbed easily by the skin where the nutritious, healing ingredients take effect quickly.

Some of my soap users complained that despite their expectations my goat milk soap had made their skin dry. If you experience the same, do not throw away your soapie that is so full of valuable materials! Be patient! Like in all self healing therapies, it is possible here as well, that at the beginning our symptoms get stronger.

Your body reacts to the effects it receives, and the cleaning (detoxicating) processes have begun! It restarts these parts of our organism, and set the natural balance! Our skin may initially become dryer, "itchy". That is when it learns breathing and good metabolism again! In time alongside using natural soaps you can leave using creams and body lotions, you will not be needing them! I can state this for sure, that is what happened to me.

Things you should never expect from manufactured home made soap:

  • they will not foam as much as factory made ones

  • they will not have miraculously strong colours (we cannot achieve that using natural colourings)

  • we cannot achieve such wide variety of fragrances what you are used to when using factory made ones